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A few responses when we asked “What do you like about our program?”


I love the setting of the school, with its multiple play grounds and buildings. I love the animals,

and that you hatch eggs, and butterflies. I love how messy the kids get, and how much creative

freedom they’re given. I love the nurturing environment that the teachers provide. I love that you

make the lunches at school.


We LOVE Children’s Village. I am so sad to be leaving in June as we transition to Kindergarten. I

know that my children are SO well taken care of, everyone treats them with love and respect and

the LOVE for learning they have gained there is unmatchable. LOVE our school!


We like how engaged the kids are–there are always a ton of great, age-appropriate activities. We

love how all the staff recognize the parents and know the kids names. The yard area is wonderful–

so much space! We love the large, shady trees, separation of upper and lower yards, and of course,

the animals. It’s great to see the kids learning about the different animals living at CV.


What I like best about the program is the staff at CV. Although there was a period of time where

there seemed to be a high rate of turn-over in staff, the core group has been in place for the last 3

years we have attended. It is also very important to me that my child is in a safe and protected

environment. I like the fact that CV arranges to have community workers come in to visit with the

children and I love how the children spend a lot of their time outdoors and with “messy” play.


I like how the daily routine is a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities. I really like how AM, PM,

and lunch are provided. There are the chickens, rabbits, and tortoise as school pets and how each

class takes a turn taking care of them. The field trips and special activities throughout the school



We enjoy the creativity, the projects, the education! We are amazed at Chase’s enthusiasm to

write his name and other words. The teachers and administrators are outstanding. It is a great comfort to take our children somewhere that we know they are safe and happy during the times we are not with them.


Love that the infants get inside and outside time (when appropriate) and that they have a separate

play area.


…we choose to send our daughter to CV because of all the benefits.

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5/16/2013 (copied from Yelp filtered reviews)

My youngest daughter currently attends CV and my oldest daughter attended several years ago.  I LOVE this preschool and so does my daughter.  Given the large age gap between my girls I went on the “preschool tour” with my little one evaluating many local preschools.  When we walked onto the CV campus it was clear that my daughter, who was only 2 at the time, wanted to attend!  The animals (chickens, bunnies, turtles) that are on the campus provide a nice environment and great enrichment.  The playgrounds are well maintained and supplemented with other activities / stations for the children to choose from.  The staff are all warm, caring, and know each family well.  The “older” preschoolers are often many field trips to enhance learning.  We are lucky to be a one-parent-working family so we don’t need childcare, but we choose to send our daughter to CV because of all the benefits.  They are exceptionally flexible . . .during family crisis when we needed child care, they instantly allowed us to add hours, etc.

Julie H., Orange, CA

Bottomline: Feel confident in placing your child here.

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7/31/2012  (copied from Yelp filtered reviews)

We looked at probably a dozen preschools before coming here, and I can tell you, it was worth the search. As a result of seeing how others operate, I am so happy and grateful our son is here! I can’t really express how fully our son has blossomed since beginning here.
To be honest, we first placed him in a smaller, private center on the mistaken assumption that a small program equaled more and better attention. WRONG. Although the facility looked beautiful from the outside, we pulled him out after a month and a half. He started coming home saying he was “bad” and a host of other horrors–and then, I stopped in to pick him up early one day only to find the “teacher” half asleep on the couch and the kids watching TV!!! Nightmare.
At any rate, an educator at a well-respected program recommended Children’s Village because our son was not yet fully potty trained. It was the best possible recommendation. Theirs is a developmental philosophy–essentially a belief that kids learn best doing the work of childhood–singing songs, getting dirty, reading, and experiencing the math and science inherent in everyday tasks like cooking and caring for pets.
When you sign your child up here there’s a form essentially telling you that your kid will get dirty from playing outside. My kind of place! The teachers all know our son’s name, and he theirs. They talk to us every day and  send emails everyday updating us on what the activities of the day were. the director Jessica is a joy, and his teacher Ruthie has gotten him potty trained in a week, where it was taking me months! They offer special programs like field trips and sing-alongs, movie nights and music days. Our son can’t wait to go to school each day, and each day he comes home knowing something new–a vocabulary word, a story, or numbers. he is associating school with joy of learning. Coupled with the activities we do at home like reading, music and Spanish and French, I feel that he is growing in the best possible ways.
Bottomline: Feel confident in placing your child here.

Samantha D., Orange, CA

New Playhouse

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We recently rebuilt the upper yard playhouse and added a stage.  We shared the construction project pictures with our parents and received several very nice comments back.  Here are two of them.  THANK YOU for the positive words!

#1  …..we love the school. I toured 13 preschools in the Orange/Tustin/Irvine area before coming to yours and we love Children’s Village the best.   We love the homey, warm and caring environment, and this yard is unbeatable. Most other schools have no shade and mostly concrete for the kids to play on……..

 #2  It looks beautiful, although I have to say your entire campus and play yards I think are perfectly appropriate for the kids,  In addition to what is there, you add other activities, etc.  that I think are wonderful.  Although my older daughter went to the school when it was County Village, and I was very happy then, we looked at many, many preschools before choosing Children’s Village for xxxx.  I think your overall campus environment and play yards are far superior to other pre-schools in the area.

Preschool Parent Survey comments

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Comments taken exactly as written from Parent Survey, March 2010


1 – I love that my kids LOVE going to school so much.  They are happy, enjoying learning (letters, reading, writing, colors, songs, manners), they get dirty, and they are exhausted when I pick them up – I know they’ve been busy learning while playing.

2 – I love how the kids can be kids!!  I love how they can be curious, and explore, and just get plain dirty!!  I love how they learn developmentally, and how they are independent in many of the choices they make throughout the day. Best preschool in Orange/Tustin area!

3 – The developmental aspect and focus on learning through play.  There will be more than enough time for “academics” later & it’s much more important for preschoolers to learn to get along and work with each other and be overall nice, sociable people than little Einsteins under so much pressure to perform academically before they’re ready!

4 – The feeling around the school is more community not as much a rigours/structured school setting.

I really like the program’s philosophy and I feel that my child is encouraged and motivated to try new things without feeling frustrated or forced… My child loves learning and I think that this program is great.

5 – I love the communication and the overall theory that it takes a village. I appreciate that my son knows most employees by name :).

6 – play opportunities. Use of paint, glitter, cutting, glue- creative items that are really fun but the parent doesnt have to clean up!


I Played

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Our son has been enrolled at Children’s Village Preschool since May 2008 and we feel truly blessed for the experience he is having by being there.  As a first time mom, it was truly hard for me to realize that he needed to go from his grandma (aka “Nanny”) watching him to a preschool setting when he was only 18 months old.  But because of the staff they have there and the developmental curriculum they consistently use, he has truly grown emotionally, socially and developmentally over the past year – more so than I could have ever hoped for.  At the mere age of 2 ½ he can count to 11 and say his ABC’s completely by himself (without being prompted), knows most of his primary colors, can dress himself, has the vocabulary of a 4 year old (according to his pediatrician) and is really close to being toilet-learned.  We temporarily (and might I add regrettably) changed him to a Christian based preschool that was more convenient to us, but returned only 2 weeks later, as we realized he was not happy and the staff and developmental program at Children’s Village Preschool was much more beneficial to his growth than the Christian or academic program was.  Now when I ask my son, “what did you do at school today?” and he replies, “I played”, my heart knows he is exactly where he belongs.  There truly is no better 4-letter word for a parent to hear than PLAY – as you know that your child is learning all kinds of great things.  The only change or improvement we can see that Children’s Village Preschool needs to make, is to incorporate a licensed Kindergarten and Elementary School program so our son can continue being part of an AWESOME program for years to come!  


Mom of 3 year old.

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