Preschool Field Trip to Irvine Park Pumkin Patch

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The Preschool children went on a field trip to Irvine Park Railroad and the pumpkin patch!   We rode a wagon around the park, and got to ride the train. During the wagon and train ride, we came across a few animals. We saw woodpeckers bathe in the bird bath, and peacocks and squirrels roam the land.  We navigated our way through an exciting, fun-filled hay maze and got to go inside a haunted house filled with spider webs, spooky portraits, and bats. We then all got to pick out a pumpkin!

California Mentor Program Director Conference

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Our administration team attended the Director’s conference Joy in the Journey on October 13th. They presented a workshop for other directors, attended workshops, did some networking and collaborated with 80 other administrators from Orange county. The conference was organized and sponsored by the California Mentor Program. Two of our administrators are currently Mentor directors for the state of California. It was a day dedicated to professional growth for our administration team.

Fruit salad, yummy yummy!

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The pre-kindergarten class made a fruit salad using some new fruits many children had never tried before. They used grapefruits, kiwis, plums, reds, blackberries, and Mexican papaya. The children were able to touch, smell, and taste the fruit. Many did not like the smell of the Mexican papaya at all!  They talked about the texture of the fruit used in the fruit salad and described the outside of the fruit and how it differs from the inside of the fruit. The children also talked about safety and how to use a knife safely.  The best part was eating the fruit salad!

National Playdough Day!

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September 16th is National Playdough Day! In celebration, the children made playdough using flour, salt, oil, water, and Kool Aid mix. They carefully measured and mixed the ingredients. Some friends checked to see if the playdough was ready by feeling its texture and consistency. They also helped knead the dough after mixing all of the ingredients together, and best of all, got to play with their newly made playdough!

Tanaka Farms Field Trip 2017

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We had a fun and educating visit to Tanaka Farms! We were able to take a wagon ride through the fields and taste various vegetables like baby Maui onions, bok choy, spinach, carrots, and celery. Our last stop were the strawberry fields where we filled our containers and our tummies at the same time! We made sure to pick the reddest and juiciest strawberries that we could find!

Happy Birthday Children’s Village Preschool

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April 7th was Children Village Preschool of Orange’s 10 year birthday (at least as Alan+Cristiane as owners)  We invited some alumni for a little get together and had a great time seeing old faces and how grown up they are! Crazy to see friends that graduated with us as preschoolers and are now in Middle School.

The preschool is more than 40 years old really serving the areas of Orange, North Tustin and Villa Park areas, here is the history from the About page of the website:

School History
The property was originally an orange grove. The school started in the 70’s and began with one ECE college professor taking in children in the house she lived in(existing house). This slowly turned into a Preschool and the owner built the building that is room 5 and then added the rooms 8+9 later. In the early 80’s the Kriss family had a daughter attending Country Village Preschool and fell in love with the place, they saw that the owner was looking to sell and they jumped at the opportunity. A few years later they added the room 6+7 building. By 2007 the Krisses had built and expanded Country Village Preschool to 3 locations in OC (Rancho Santa Margarita and Foothill Ranch), in 2007 they decided to retire and sold the 3 schools. One buyer purchased the other two and kept the name Country Village. The Fosters had heard of this school through workshops, as soon as they heard that the Krisses were considering selling they were very persistent and in April 2007 Alan+Cristiane became the proud owners of Children’s Village Preschool.

Chicks are here!

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Our fertilized chicken eggs have finally hatched! After the 21 days of gestation, and under the careful watch of our children, we were able to see them hatch! IMG_7816


Water Play

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We’ve upgraded our outdoor areas with new water play troughs for all of our yards! The children have been experimenting with how water flows with gravity, creating currents, and testing how objects float or sink. They are also working their way toward understanding  volume and conservation through filling and pouring the water using various containers.








Staff CPR/First Aid Re-Certification

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Our staff attended their bi-annual adult and pediatric CPR and first aid re-certification training. It was a good refresher on current techniques that are used to assist children and adults in an emergency situation. IMG_8160



Car Week in our Pre-K class

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Our pre-k class planned an exciting STEM activity involving cars. They engaged in memorable and educational play during Car Week! They incorporated their own ideas and creativity while playing. Some friends participated in the buddy tunnel as they stood upright, with their legs spread apart and watched as the cars went through each other’s legs. Other friends set the cars behind the race line, revved the engines, and disengaged the brake as they shouted go!  Others shared about the car they brought to enter into the Car Show. Some friends tested out the speedway as they strategically placed strips of flooring and watched there cars make it into the car garage. Other friends used a  car wash to keep their vehicles clean. They also used a spray bottle and rags to wipe them clean. Friends explored with batteries, circuits and lights as they controlled the traffic light. Red means stop, yellow means sloooow down and green means go!















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